.Our Activities

As a solution provider we are committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective and plays the central role in the planning and execution of all our projects. As a Netrux Global Concepts customer you can expect quality solutions, timely delivery and excellent after sales service.

1. Electrical (Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Services)
(a) Heating, Ventilation & Cooling System (HVAC)
(b) Supply and Install transformer
(c) Cabling
(d) Supply and install generator
The design, installation and commissioning of a ventilation and air-conditioning system for residential, commercial and industrial
application. Operation performed includes cooling load estimates, duct sizing and layout, determining fan power (static pressure) and coil capacities. The design and installation of an air quality management system using various air exchange mechanism that will ensure adequate fresh air intake for proper ventilation and extract.These designs can be flexible depending on considerations on site. The supply, fabrication, installation and commissioning of sheet metal air ducts in our new state-of-the-art workshop, chilled water pipes and fitting along with its insulation, refrigerant pipes etc.
2. Plumbing Installation
» Industrial Piping and Plants
» Water Main and Distributions
» Sprinklers and Fire Extinguisher Systems
» Swimming Pools and Water Fountains
» Bore Hole Drilling and Water Treatments
» Sewage Treatment Plant
» Fuel/Oil Storage and Printing Installation
» Our capacity includes the skills to build, operate and manage electrical plants.
» Support and Maintenance
» Installation & Commissioning
» Repair & Refurbishing
» Modernization
» Upgrades and Capacity
» Extension
» Training
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